Welcome to the new, smoooth world of Klarna.

We’re updated. Both our products and the way we look and speak are now smoother than ever. We’re now better looking, smarter and more intuitive. We’ve revamped the whole shabang, all in favour of creating a fantastic customer experience.

On these pages you'll find everything you need to know about what you need to do to bring the smoooth world of Klarna into your store and impress your customers.


Smoooth products.

Our aim is to help you create the smoothest shopping experience possible. That is why we’ve chosen to create products that are fully aligned with people's needs when paying.

The result is three intuitive products.

Pay now.

Consumers can pay directly at the checkout. No credit card numbers or passwords to remember. Pay now builds around an offering where the customer don’t care about which settlement method (card, direct debit, direct banking) is used. The customer’s fundamental need is to use an instant payment option - that is fast, secure and simple.

Today: SOFORT, Klarna Direkt.

Pay later.

Try it first, pay it later. Klarna lets consumers have 14 days or more to decide if you want to keep your goods or not. Pay later meets the need of users who first want to receive their purchase and then pay. To keep or not to keep! That’s the question. It can’t get smooother than this!

Today: Invoice, Pay in end of month.

Slice it.

Get all your payments on one invoice and choose how much to pay each month. Shoppers can follow their dreams and spread the cost of their purchase over several months. This gives the consumer flexibility and increased purchasing power which in turn can boost your sales.

Today: Installment plans or flexible financing


Here is what you need to do in the checkout.

Choose your market

Choose your type of payment selector layout.
If you’re using Klarnas hosted checkout solution - please jump directly to step 2.


If you’re using the Klarna standalone invoice, part payment or SOFORT solution – then you need to manually update your checkout with the new payment badges and naming. If you have Klarna Checkout this will be updated automatically.


Make sure that any Klarna or SOFORT logotype outside of your checkout gets updated to the new Klarna logo.

Please find full integration guidelines here

Increase your sales by using our promotional assets.

On your home page

The Klarna payment method display is a good tool for increasing conversion by presenting your customer with all the payment methods available in your checkout. Go ahead and use this asset if you have the full Klarna checkout solution.

If you offer the Klarna standalone payment method, be sure to use the Klarna logo and present it as early as possible in the purchase journey, for example in the footer of your site.

On your product page

Use our ready-made widgets in your footer and product pages to increase conversion even more. They show your customers what payment methods you offer and can calculate the total monthly cost of an offer, according to applicable laws and regulations. All you need to input is a few basic variables.

Throughout your site

We have more assets that help boost your sales. We recommend our banners that highlight the customer benefits of Klarna. Use them in a specific campaign or to highlight a payment method. They're ready to go, and to be used throughout your site.

Get the campaign banners here.


Our smoooth branding.

Being smooth and looking smooth goes hand in hand. That’s why we gathered some of the sharpest designers on the planet and asked them what it would look like if Klarna was a true lifestyle brand. We think the result is something so smoooth it will truly disrupt the industry (and so smoooth it needs three o's). The fact that most would consider this impossible for a bank makes it all the more exciting.


Are you a
smoooth agency?

Are you from a production agency doing design work on behalf of Klarna? Nice! Let's make sure it's one Klarna speaking everywhere. Just fill out the form and we'll give you access to our design assets, guidelines and tonality.

We'll send you a confirmation and log in credentials as soon as you’re verified and approved. If you've already signed up, just log in right away.


Any questions? Our merchant support is always happy to help.

Choose your market and follow the instructions.