How we speak

Hej! It’s not just what we say—it’s the way we say it. Our voice is how we shape the conversation in a way that’s clearly Klarna.

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Our Curiously Bold voice

Being different pays. Klarna’s voice is a distinctive expression
of our brand that uplifts every interaction.

Offbeat optimists

We brighten up everyday money matters with our delightful and intriguing perspective. Always friendly, always helpful—and sometimes a little unexpected.


Strikingly relevant

We speak with confidence, and dare to say it how we see it—especially when we know we can make things better.


Straight up

We’re clear, human and relatable, to make it simple for people to get the info they need. And when we can say it in fewer words, we do.

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    Rather than criticizing, it’s braver to say how we’re making things better.

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    We show how we’re the smarter spending option without needing to bring others down.

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    We keep the focus on how we make shopping and paying easier for our customers.

Speaking of clear

The words we use matter. To make sure everyone feels welcome in the Klarna world, we avoid jargon in favor of more everyday language.


Funds Money
Utilize Use
Assist Help
Initiate Start

The Curiously
Bold difference

We cut through the shopping and paying noise. Can we say it more clearly, confidently or delightfully? If the answer’s ja, we do it.

Get rewards while you shop

It’s payback time

Shop and spread the cost over
several smaller installments

Chop your shop

Let us know how we can be of

How can we help?

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